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Basic Photo Editing

If you have no experience in optimizing product image, this is the easiest way to edit photo online with Fotor’s free photo editor. Resize, Remove image backgrounds, add photo effects, add text to photo etc. to fine-tune the items to the perfect looks.

Amazing photo effects

Want to post some outstanding photos on social media? There are so many ways to make your photos look interesting. 100+ cool photo filters and a set of easy to use photo editing tools of Fotor’s online photo editor can enhance any portrait and travel photos in seconds, helping you post wonderful moments on social media and catch many likes.

Portrait touch up

A decent portrait photo can leave a good impression for your clients or customers. Get the full range of portrait retouch tools, and you can freely remove blemishes, adjust face, add makeup, to get the most out of your image easily.

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Collect festive memories

Photo collage is perfect choice to showcase your photos and share your stories. Make Christmas collages, Thanksgiving collages, Halloween collages, New Year collages and collect your delightful, unforgettable, romantic memories in the exquisite photo collages forever, simple and fun.

Share your daily life

Every piece of your life is beautiful, you don’t have to pick the only shot to share on social media. Fotor’s collage maker allows you to display your life with a creative collection of photo collages and put several shots together, post the special showcase on social media, and spread joy and happiness.

Showcase products details

Detailed photo images help customer understand your product easily. Make a professional product image collage and post them on social network Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, get more sales from now on.

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Social media graphics

Stop struggling to spend much money and time in creating social media graphics. Fotor’s graphic design maker is an all in one platform offering you well-crafted graphic design templates and help you make your own YouTube thumbnails, Facebook posts, Facebook covers, and much more in minutes to stop people scrolls, and double your engagement.

Promote your store

An eye-catching poster can help your store get more attraction easily. Fotor allows you to create posters, Facebook ads, flyers and other promotional graphics for shop opening, new arrivals, holiday seasons, etc. Get your foot traffic and sales volume boosted easily and quickly.

Brand yourself

Don’t know how to brand yourself? Whether you are a freelancer, blogger, or an influencer, Fotor helps you build a winning resume, business card, or creative logo that will stand out and help you succeed.

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Why 300 Million People Chose the Amazing Online Photo Editor Fotor

All-in-one Graphic Tool/Visual Solution

No more tools needed! We can resolve all online photo editing, graphic design, and photo collage problems. Improve your creative experience with no time or money wasted.

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Powerful & Intuitive Image Editor

powerful & intuitive tools make editing any portrait, landscape, and product image easier and faster for free. It’s like Photoshop online but without the learning curve. A breathtaking piece of art is just a few clicks away!

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Easily Customized

No tech skills needed! Ready-made free design templates save you from complications and a big budget. Add text and change the background, and modify images based on your vision to create the perfect graphics in minutes.

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10,000+ Beautiful Preset Templates

Our comprehensive template library is updated with new and trendy designs weekly. You can find e-commerce, blogging, NGO, holiday occasions, and much more for any and all professional or personal needs.

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Accessible Everywhere

Seamlessly sync 500+ photos and unlimited projects online. Easily access all your work anytime and anywhere from different devices.

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What Key Features Does Fotor Have/You Need to Try

Basic Photo Editing

Streamlined picture editing features, such as crop or resize, background remover and photo enhancer, for common image editing scenarios.

Photo Retouching

A batch of photo retouching tools, such as Blemish Remover, Teeth Whitener, Wrinkle Remover, Red-eye Remover, Photo Reshaping will bring out a radiant subject(look) instantly


HDR, Tilt-Shift, Color Splash, blur effects, and another 40+ photo effects easily spice up any image to perfection


1000+ ready-made classic, artistic, funky collage templates and photo stitching let you collect your most precious memories thanks to an intuitive collage maker.

Design Templates

YouTube channel art, Facebook covers, posters, invitations, cards, and another 40+ popular graphic design template sizes that will fulfill all your needs.


10000+ pieces of clip-art, 100+ fonts, and 50+ backgrounds to easily add text to photo and apply your graphics for endless possibilities.

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"I started using Fotor as a free platform. I found Fotor so easy to use. I decided to subscribe and use all of the templates and tools at my fingertips. I usually use the Pinterest templates for my blog and the book covers for my books on Amazon. I've also started to use other templates on my blog to give certain blog posts a different feel."

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